In the beginning …

Bob and Sue Hagan of Louisville, KY established Club Scientific in 1997.

The original business operated under the name, Summer Science Day Camps, Inc., which is still the affiliate company name. Bob and Sue have a combined 30 plus years of teaching experience and both hold a Master’s Degree in Education.

The first summer camp was called “The Special Effects Camp” which taught campers the science involved in Hollywood’s Special Effects techniques.

As time progressed, additional age groups and science themes were added. Beginning in 2001, Camp Young Scientist was created to accommodate children ages 6-8. Each year additional Science Camp themes were added and there are now 24, and counting, different Science Day Camps to choose from ages 4-14.

In order to become a “full-service” science enrichment business, additional programs were added to include: after-school science clubs, Robotics, science assemblies, in-school field trips, teacher workshops, science birthday parties and scouting badge activities. Club Scientific also conducts 30-minute science workshops in Pre-Schools.

We believe we have the most extensive science enrichment offering in the world.

ClubScientific Franchises

ClubScientific's expansion has also led to franchise sales. ClubScientific Dallas, with owners Shellie and Brian Bland and ClubScientific Bluegrass with owners Kimberly and David Hudson, are now open for business, further fulfilling the Hagan's dream of reaching even more children through science education.

We belong ...Memberships & Affiliations
National Science Teachers Association
Coalition for Science After School

ClubScientific would like to thank the thousands of children and their parents who have attended our numerous science camps and enrichment programs throughout the years!