Let's Build a Robot

The fantastic, real world benefits of making and programming robots.

Club Scientifics’ Robotic Programs uses LEGO® bricks and emphasize a mixture of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and great tools that foster creativity. Children all know that making something can be quite fun and that technology can be useful. Rewarding hands-on experience keep children engaged in the learning process, so they don’t lose their curiosity about science or math.

Our newest programs in Robotics for both the after school science clubs and summer camps will teach kids to build the coolest robots available.

Robotics After School Programs

Club Scientifics' Robotic enrichment program consists of weekly one hour sessions that last for 5 or14 weeks (depending on location). Students can build and program robots to perform a variety of different functions. For example, robots can be fitted with sensors, which control motors and react to light, sound, touch, etc. Due to the expense of the LEGO® kits, and the necessity to program with computers, students will not be taking their robots home at the conclusion of the program.

Club Scientific offers two Robotics courses:
Introduction to Robotics - for grades 2 - 5
and Design and Program Robots - for grades 3 - 5

Introduction to Robotics — Using LEGO® bricks and Computers
Students 2nd grade and older get a head start on simple robotics with this concept. They build models, attach sensors and motors that are plugged into a computer, and configure behaviors using a simple programming tool. The activity pack is divided into four themes: Amazing Mechanisms, Wild Animals, Play Soccer and Adventure Stories. It covers topics within science, technology, mathematics and language.

$225/ 14 weeks
(Some locations have shorter sessions)

Design and Program Robots — A Hand’s On Approach to Teach Kids the Principles of Designing and Programming Robots
Students in 3rd grade and older learn to design, program and control fully-functional models. They use software to plan, test and modify sequences of instructions for a variety of life-like robotic behaviors. And they learn to collect and analyze data from sensors, using data logging functionalities embedded in the software. Curriculum lessons are developed by Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Academy and provide a series of real-life activities, covering topics within science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Students must complete the Introduction to Robotics program first.
They can then take the Design and Program Robots program.
$225/ 14 weeks
(Some locations have shorter sessions)

Advanced classes are available for both programs

Robotics Summer Camps

Engaging does not even begin to describe these summer camps. Club Scientific offers 5 different building and robotic camp experiences in 3 different age groups. Join us for a week of building, programming and solving challenges that make science and technology fun and exciting!

  1. Camp Young Builder-Ages 4-5
  2. Camp Space Engineer-Ages 6-8
  3. Camp Jr. Robot Creator-Ages 8-10
  4. Camp Deep Space-Ages 9-14
  5. Camp Robot Adventures-Ages 9-14

For a full description of these camps click here.

Camp prices start at $235 per week.
We encourage your child to try both our after school programs and summer day camps.