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Building and Programming Was Never This Much Fun!

Camp Young Builder - (Ages 4 - 5)

Cost: $235/week
Campers ages 4-5 will want to join us to learn exciting construction techniques using LEGO® bricks. Young Builder allows campers to take their first steps into science and technology. By using the themes of construction and travel, campers learn about machines, the tools used to work on machines, and their functions. Our material packs include a wide range of bricks and special elements in various shapes, sizes, and colors that are ideal for stimulating children’s creative and imaginative skills. Camp counselors will introduce tasks each day in building vehicles, planes, buildings, towns and transportation systems. Campers receive lots of suggestions for ideas but are encouraged to use their own creativity and imagination. Parents are invited to join us on Friday’s Family Day to view their child’s creations.

Camp Space Engineer - (Ages 6 - 8)

Cost: $235/week
Using LEGO® components, campers will design and build structures and space vehicles for living on far away planets. Campers will utilize a variety of LEGO components including motors, gears, lights, and sensors. Space Engineer includes instruction on the Earth, Moon, stars, and planets as well as the scientific topics of force, friction, simple machines, and gravity. Campers will also join the crew aboard the International Space Station (ISS) to learn about propulsion, friction and more. Counselors will assign specific projects each day that include: a rotating satellite, space buggy, a stunning spaceship, terrestrial homes that can withstand alien atmospheres and a host of other exciting projects. Parents are invited to join us on Friday’s Family Day to view their child’s creations. This is a camp you don’t want to miss!

Camp Jr. Robot Creator - (Ages 8 - 10)
Introduction to Robotics

Cost: $235/week
Campers get a head start on simple robotics using LEGO® WeDo™ components and easy-to–use software. Our young creators will build models, attach sensors, and motors that are plugged into a computer, and configure behaviors using a simple programming tool. Counselors guide campers through their first 12 robot models, which include a variety of animals, soccer players, amazing mechanisms, and adventure stories. If ready, campers than move to advanced building and programming projects that include: a Racecar, Ferris wheel, and Carousel. As the week draws to a close, campers can utilize the skills they have learned to build and program their own creations. Parents are invited to join us on Friday’s Family Day to view their child’s creations.

Camp Deep Space - (Ages 9 - 14)

Cost: $285/week
Camp Deep Space uses LEGO® MINDSTORMS® components and takes campers to the edge of the universe on a mission to make a distant planet habitable for humans. Our videos and animations help campers build and learn programming, tackle building challenges, and hone their robotic and project planning skills. Science factoids are interspersed throughout, accompanying engineering design activities tied into space exploration. Camp Deep Space’s curriculum has been developed by Carnegie Mellon University’s Robot Academy. As an extra bonus, campers construct and launch two of their very own Estes Rockets. Campers will take their rockets home with them. Parents are invited to join us on Friday’s Family Day to view their child’s rocket launch.
We are on our way to the final frontier!

Camp Robot Adventures- (Ages 9-14)

Cost: $235/week
Uses LEGO® MINDSTORM® components to build and program more advanced projects. Interactive tutorials make it easy for campers to reach an advanced level of programming as they learn to build robots that travel, monitor sensors, and use advanced programming. Campers will build a variety of increasingly sophisticated robots like the Strider (a six-legged creature), The Rock Climber (a climbing vehicle), The Brick Sorter (a robot that sorts by color and size), The Robotic Arm (a mover and picker), and the exciting Humanoid Robot! This camp presents numerous building and programming challenges throughout the week. Campers are encouraged to think creatively and to apply what they have learned to develop the skills essential in creating their own robot masterpieces.

This is an advanced robotics course and campers should have some experience working with LEGO® MINDSTORM® bricks. Campers with no experience should take the Camp Deep Space. Parents are invited to join us on Friday’s Family Day to view their child’s creations

*Note - Due to expense of LEGO® materials, projects and materials cannot be taken home.

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