Learning with Hands-On Activities

PhotosFor years educators have stressed that students learn better "by doing" - especially in the sciences. Students of all ages learn more science-content and skills when they engage in investigation and discovery using everyday materials and the basic equipment of science.

How can this learning take place?
Our carefully designed inquiry centered lessons that involve children with hands-on activies which capture children's natural curiosity, stimulate their interest in science and teach them important science topics along with critical thinking skills.

It's unique!
Our unique Science Club program is designed to meet the needs of children in grades K-6. ClubScientific lessons help engage students in observation, measurement, identification of properties, and experimentation involving life, earth and physical science concepts. The units are rigorously researched by science educators with the help of teachers and children. The results are lessons that students can enjoy and genuinely learn from. Science was never this much fun!

Dozens of program topics!
Rocketry, Chemistry, Paleontology, Forensics, Weather, Flight, Technology and many other disciplines of science. All ClubScientific lessons are designed to help with the development of the following scientific process skills: observing, classifying, comparing, measuring, critical thinking, predicting, hypothesizing, sequencing and experimentation.

ClubScientific believes in parental involvement. In every ClubScientific class, your child will receive a lesson card describing the lesson with some suggestions for extending the learning experience at home. After each semester session, students will receive a science medal to recognize their Scientific achievements.

Each science enrichment SEMESTER lasts for fifteen classes(approximately fifteen weeks). Classes meet once a week for approximately 60 minutes. Class size is 8-10 students, per instructor.

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