ClubScientific Workshops for Cub Scout Badge Requirements
Hands-on/minds-on! Helping boys discover science!

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Cub Scouts is a year-round family and home centered program that develops ethical decision-making skills for boys in the first through fifth grade (or ages 7-10 years old).
Tiger Cubs
are first graders who with their adult partners learn about leadership, community, and family.
Wolf and Bear Cubs (second - third graders) emphasize character development, citizenship, and personal fitness.
(fourth - fifth graders) participate in the more advanced program to prepare for Boy Scouts.

Bear Badges Wolf Badges Webelos
Weather Arrow Point Trail (It's Stormy!)

Activities include building a Water Cycle model, Cloud Identification, and construction of their very own Tornado

Your Living World (Oceanography)

Build a UV detecting shark tooth necklace, Create a wave model in a test tube, Clean up an oil spill, and classify some shells.

Technology Group: Scientist (Space and Technology)

Launch an airburst Rocket, Dig for a meteorite, build a pocket rocket and discover the physics of flight.

Electricity Arrow Point Trail (Electricity and Magnetism)

Explore simple and parallel circuits, discover the invisible field around magnets, and observe how water and glass can bend light.

Machine Power Arrow Point Trail (Simple Machines)

Learn about the six simple machines while constructing a ramp, pulley device and marshmallow shooting catapult.

Outdoor Activity Geologist (Rocks and minerals)

Classify rocks and minerals, create a sedimentary rock, dig for Trilobites, and create a delicious soil profile dessert.

Space Track Arrow Point Trail (Discover the Cosmos)

Bears will build a model of the solar system, explore the properties of parachutes, launch screaming balloon rockets, and construct a star finder.

Make it yourself Arrow Point Trail (Astronomy Workshop)

Launch airburst rockets! Learn about Newton's laws of motion as we construct a plane with round wings. Blow up a six foot balloon with one breath. Separate the colors in light using water. Create your own miniature comet


Wolves and Bears:
1-Hour Workshop $150
(up to 15 boys)

Webelos Pins:
90 minute workshop $150
(up to 15 boys)

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