ClubScientific Workshops Meet Girl Scout Badge Requirements!

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Exciting Science shows available for troop ceremonies!

Within every child there is a scientist! We want to help your daisies become brownies. You can select from these popular Brownie Try-It workshops.
Try-It you'll like it! Lots of fun experimenting in ClubScientifics' science workshops. All of our Try-Its have projects the girls can take home!
Earn your science badges with one of ClubScientifics' hands-on workshops. The best way to learn is by doing!

Did you know that air speed and wing shape are the factors that give lift to an airplane? The girls will create a loop airplane, paper helicopter, and pocket rocket


Launch airburst rockets to demonstrate Newton's Laws of Motion. Build a marshmallow shooter and fly screaming rocket balloons.

Science Discovery

Experiment to determine which juice has the most Vitamin C. Use a unique paper to uncover a secret message. Make water disappear with our super water absorbing polymer!

Science Wonders

Exciting experiments with simple machines as we explore catapults learn how chemicals can be combined to create slime in a chemical reaction, and create a polyacrylate high bounce neon ball.

Science in Action

It is Terrific Scientific at its best! Create some color changing milk; demonstrate a chemical reaction by creating some "Silly Putty", and use candy to explode some diet soft drink!

Science Sleuth

ClubScientific and Sherlock Holmes team up to show the girls how to dust for fingerprints, separate colors using chromatography, and extract DNA form a strawberry.

Girl Scout Pricing

Daisy &Brownie Bridge Badges
60 minute Workshop
$150 (15 Girls)

Junior Badges
90 minute Workshop
$150 (15 Girls)

Building Art

Workshop activities include designing a rain stick, building a geode paper weight, and creating a fire fly model than actually glows in the dark!

Women of Science

Women have played a very important role in science and medicine. We talk about famous scientists like Rachel Carson, Madame Curie and others. Activities include using an oil absorbing polymer, building a marshmallow molecule, dissecting an owl pellet, and building a model of our lungs!

Let us customize a program for your scout troop!

Science in Everyday Life

The girls will build and eat a DNA Molecule, become a magician as they use science to make water disappear, build their own star-finder and create their own bubblegum.