Dear Parents,

I have always loved science. I was born with an insatiable curiosity about everything and science allowed me to explore this amazing world I found around me. I grew up doing an endless series of science investigations and experiments with everything from butterfly collections and chemistry kits to microscopes, volcanoes, rockets, and homemade fireworks. (My parents were very understanding, the house survived . . . and my eyebrows grew back.)

Science was my favorite subject in school too – in fact, it saved me. It saved me from giving up on my education due to the tedium of diagramming sentences, memorizing state capitals, and the quadratic formula. Science gave me a subject that I couldn’t wait to go to and offered me a path through college to a career doing what I loved.

But school-based science has changed. Today, science education is being limited by declining budgets and overworked teachers. Our current teachers are being pushed toward a system driven by State testing and “measurable data”. Too many students today spend most of their time reading about science instead of “doing” science. This approach can crush the love of science out of kids.

Club Scientific can reverse that. We can re-inspire our students as we re-ignite their curiosity about the world around them. In our camps and programs the kids “do science” as they get their hands on all kinds of exciting demonstrations and experiments. Every day, we hear the enthusiasm go up in the room as we see the eyes of the kids shine with excitement and curiosity. The work we do has the possibility to transform lives by introducing children to the mysteries of science through hands-on interactive experiments and giving them a gift that will last a lifetime.

Club Scientific is committed to the development of a love for science in kids of all ages. We are dedicated to providing rich science-based educational opportunities for all kids whether they want to be doctors or engineers, astronauts or scientists, or just have a curiosity about the world around them. Club Scientific is devoted to helping kids grow up ready for the world of tomorrow as we constantly strive to ignite within them a lifelong pursuit of learning. We promise our families that we will be 100% responsive to their needs. We will always endeavor to exceed your expectations. We thank you for trusting our team of professionals to implement our amazing program with your children.

Remember: Science has never been this much fun!

--Tom Hunt
Master of Science in Physical Science
Bachelor of Science Teaching
Associate of Science
2 Time Teach of the Year
9 Time Outstanding Educator of the year
Presidential Scholars Distinguished Teacher Award

Welcome Packet
Welcome PacketGetting ready for camp should be an exciting process for your entire family. Many families attend multiple camps throughout the summer. For your convenience we have posted our Welcome Packet in the form of a parent newsletter on-line in PDF format. This document covers everything from ClubScientific policies to camp dates and security issues.

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Medical Form
Medical FormThe Welcome Packet mentions an 'Administration of Medicine Form'. If your child requires any medications during the time he/she is at the camp, please download this form and print it and fill in the required information

• Download Administration of Medicine Form •

Camp Evaluation Form
Evaluation FormAfter your child returns home from Summer Camp [and as a favor to ClubScientific], we would ask that you fill out the online Camp Evaluation Form. Your input will greatly help us improve the camps and course offerings. We can't wait to hear from you!

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